Settling in

I recently moved into a new loft. It's taken a month to get situated, but I think things are starting to even out. Setting up my workbench is the trickiest part though. The way the room is arranged, I am using a corner desk as my work area, and since aesthetics is a big deal to me, it is important that everything is tidy and neat so it doesn't become a huge focal point when I have company over (or even just for me, sometimes I just cant stand clutter). The desk was given to me when I was about fifteen or so by my parents. Its a nice desk, really; sturdy, multitier shelves, takes up little room, etc. The only issue I have with it is the finish, it has a wood grain laminate covering the whole thing (think 90's bookshelf). It clearly needs to be updated. Since I was so eager to get everything set up, I rushed the painting process a bit and didn't prep the desk at all. As the name would imply, laminated surfaces are great at protecting whats underneath, which is bad for painting. Without any pores or rough edges to adhere to, the paint didn't stand a a chance and quickly rubbed off. I finally did my research (like I should have done from the beginning) and got some sand paper and quality primer. All that's left now is to repaint it and maybe seal it with some polyurethane for durability.

Then I can start making stuff again.

Annotation:  Id like to thank my friends and family who helped me during the move and have continued to support me in my endeavors. Thank you.