Focusing on the software side of things...

So I decided some time ago to "get back to basics" so to speak, and brush up on how things were done in the old days... like, 1975. I got a book on early microprocessors and TTL logic and did some reading. I had to put it down for a bit (life gets in the way sometimes), but I've decided to pick it back up again.

I probably shouldn’t, but I'm also studying up on some assembly language. Since I'm already going back to the "beginning", I figured I'd keep going and try and learn to program the micros the way they were originally.

Conveniently, this ties in with my experiments with the Atari VCS. The homebrew scene is surprisingly active, and a lot of people still program games using 6502 assembly. I'll be using the DASM assembler to put a program together and test it out with the Stella emulator. Once I have that mastered moderately understood, I suspect I could move on to AVRs.

So that's that. I just got DASM working again (transitioned from Windows to Linux), so now I can actually get something done.