Tight fitting Atari carts and how I got around them. Pt 1

All puns aside, sometimes a tight fit can really make things difficult. As I've said before, one of my favorite hobbies include messing around with my Atari; this includes steadily collecting games I've already tried through emulation to play on first-party hardware (because, lets be real for a second, there's no replacement for the original). That said, one of the best games I've played on the 2600 is Jr. PacMan. I was happy to find a copy of it that didn't look too warn on eBay, and received it just yesterday. I opened the package and (attempted to) pop the cart in only to find it didn't fit. At all. Ms. PacMan was a tight-as-hell snug fit, but Jr just wouldn’t budge. After a quick search over at atariage, I came to find out that some "red label" cartridges do not fit in older models of the console (not sure why, didn’t really care to be frank). My first thought was to modify the cart, then the console, but both ideas were quickly tossed in favour of building an extension instead.

I had a few parts left over in my bin, so I grabbed a board from a PacMan cart, and an edge-board connector and got to soldering. What follows is a quick mock-up for testing.

 Now I know it works, I'll redo it using a smaller gauge wire and fit it all into a cart (or some kind of enclosure) that will fit smoothly into my Atari; this way I can play any game, unmodified.