Slow production and a major change

I don't really know when I last made a post on here, unfortunately. I ended my "break" from school (break equating to about two years) at the beginning of September, and along with that came a change in my major. For my day job I am a pharmacy technician. I've been doing it for just under six years and have seen the industry (at least in my region) change dramatically. Things have morphed in such a negative way, it made me realize I no longer want to pursue a degree as an pharmacist.

But I digress.

I've always been interested in electronics. Everything about it has fascinated me every since I first started taking apart my toy radios and walkie-talkies as a kid. When I got a bit older, I loved putting things together to create new uses out of them. I recall building "a robot" out of what was pretty much DC motors and Lego bricks stacked onto a remote control car.

But I digress.

When I started college the first time, I began working towards what would ultimately land me a job as a pharmacist, all the time tinkering with small electronics and researching things of the like on my free time. Fast forward five years and I realized I didn't really have a real reason for wanting to work in a pharmacy for the rest of my life. Hell, I couldn't even come up with a reason why I continue to work where I do for reasons other than a pay check. That's about the time I took a good hard look at where I wanted my life to go. I'm a few months shy of turning a quarter of a century old (that's a bit dramatic), and I realize that I'm still quite young, but also getting into the age where I need to be on a set path. Otherwise, I'll be working aimlessly through a job/jobs that I really don't care about just to make a buck.

So anyway, I changed my field of study to Engineering. It's pretty broad, but I'd like to end up getting a degree in something more specific to electronics or electric.

better late than never.

PS: I'm still messing with my Atari here and there, but my classwork keeps getting in the way.